West Vancouver Centre for Art, Architecture & Design

Urban Arts has a firm understanding of art museum issues and what critical components need to be in place to achieve success. They have a clear understanding of both back of house and front of house space requirements, technical needs for the protection of collections, and how to create spaces that deliver a value- add to the operations. I was most impressed by their ability to take challenging
issues and turn them into opportunities. The creativity and innovation they bring to the table, their sensitivity to community issues and their ability to work within the scope of the project presented was admirable.
— Cathy Matheson, Manager Cultural Affairs District of West Vancouver


Size: 35 000 sqft

Cost: $15 Million

Client: District of West Vancouver

Services: Architectural Services, Community Consultation & Master Planning



Birthed out of the principles of Westcoast Modernism, the Arts Centre seeks to make public the values of this important movement, providing a place for the cultural enrichment of the community.

Long established as a way of life in West Vancouver, a vibrant salon culture exists in private homes as a largely private engagement. Both the Museum and

the Ferry Building Gallery have begun bringing these conversations to a broader audience, but are very limited in their scale capacity.

The Arts Centre seeks to bring the conversation to the public realm - into the Living Room of the community, where all can share in the discourse and exploration of ideas.

Ideas that capture the spirit of innovation, like those early innovators who wove nature and structure into a special sense of place, this is the place that the new creative class will call home.