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UBC Centre for Student Involvement

In projects which involve existing buildings, the element of unforeseen issues due to existing site conditions, is an unavoidable reality. However, UAA’s detailed advance work and planning mitigated these hurdles and enabled the projects to avoid costly change orders. Construction moved smoothly due to these efforts, saving both time and money. In essence, Urban Arts Architecture has a strong commitment to design right the first time – adhering to the mantra: ‘on time, on budget’.
— Carlo Finamore, UBC Project Manager


Size: 3500 sqft

Cost: $450 000

Client: University of British Columbia

Services: Architect & Prime Consultant



UAA worked with students at UBC to create an innovative Student Involvement Centre where students can gather to collaborate on special projects.

As an ongoing experiment in collaborative learning environment, this space has been toured by many other Academic institutions and is considered to be at the vanguard for the delivery of student services.

The space includes informal learning areas, lounge spaces, meeting rooms, computer labs and a learning kitchen. The space is openly connected to the Brock Hall atrium space where “one stop” student services are provided.